Charity and Tech Are Who Dan Fitzgibbons Is

Dan Fitzgibbons firmly believes that family and community are always major priorities in his life. He has always felt that way, even when he grew up as the youngest of five children in Fargo, North Dakota. There, he attended Holy Spirit Grade School through the eighth grade, followed by Shanley High, where he was active with the Sandpebbles singing group and a key club while he played football and golf, as well as intramural hockey.

After starting his education at North Dakota State and transferred just over the state line to Moorhead State University in Minnesota, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration. That’s why Dan Fitzgibbons is good at his job. He has lots of expertise in the business of computer storage systems, which is why he is now the Data Protection Business Manager for the Minneapolis office of EMC Corporation, a very prominent international technology company that employs more than 70,000 globally. With more than 25 years of technology and sales experience, he is one of the best, but he takes the greatest amount of pride in the fact that he has become a community leader as well. To Dan Fitzgibbons, Minneapolis is the community he loves, along with his beautiful wife and two children, and he loves to help.

Early childhood for Dan Fitzgibbons

As a child, Minneapolis’ Dan Fitzgibbons was significantly active in his hometown of Fargo, North Dakota. As a student at Holy Spirit Grade School through eighth grade, he played football and basketball. Upon attending Shanley High School, he was heavily involved in theatre, Sandpebbles singing group, key club and several sports, including football, golf and intramural hockey. Once Fitzgibbons began college — first at North Dakota State University then completing his studies at Moorhead State — he remained active, working four jobs (Subway, Mexican Village, Standard Industries and cleaning offices) to pay for school and becoming a fraternity member with Alpha Tau Omega.

Dan Fitzgibbons Works Hard for Family and Community

Dan Fitzgibbons has more than 25 years of technology and sales experience, so it’s obvious that he knows the business of computer storage systems. He currently serves as Data Protection Business Manager for the Minneapolis, Minnesota office of EMC Corporation, a 37-year-old company that has grown into a very important international technology company, producing revenue of more than $24 billion so far in 2016 and employing more than 70,000 globally.

Family and community have always been important to Dan Fitzgibbons. He grew up in Fargo, where he was the youngest of five children. He attended grade school and high school there. He also has a significant educational background that he earned close to home, including a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration from Moorhead State University in Minnesota, to where transferred from North Dakota State University, in his hometown of Fargo, which is just over the state line.

Dan Fitzgibbons eventually moved to Minneapolis, where he is now married and has two children. He loves the Greater Minneapolis Area so much that he tries hard to give back when he can. Among the charities he works with are Dress for Success Twin Cities, which seeks to empower women and increase their economic independence. He also helps the poor and homeless in the Twin Cities with his work with Bridging, which provides those transitioning out of homelessness with basic household items. He also feeds the hungry by working with Loaves and Fishes, that served more than 460,000 nutritious, hot meals to the hungry in 2015 and Allan Law’s 363 Days Food Program, which worked with numerous civic groups to distribute more than 600,000 sandwiches to the hungry and homeless in 2011.

Dan Fitzgibbons: Two Decades of Sales Experience

Dan Fitzgibbons has been a Sales Executive in the technology industry for more than twenty-two years. He is a veteran of the tech sales industry and has shown the ability to not only meet sales quotas and expectations, but surpass them consistently. Throughout his career, Dan Fitzgibbons has shown that he can help companies and institutions to expand their sales. He has done this by creating innovative and dynamic solutions which have helped clients to lower their costs and make their operations function more efficiently. Fitzgibbons has, every day of his career, put forth the effort needed in order to become a better student of the world of sales.

From 1988 until 1992, Dan Fitzgibbons attended school at the University of Minnesota, Moorhead, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. Before that he spent a year at North Dakota State University. Fitzhibbons attended high school from 1983 until 1987 at Shanley High School in North Dakota.

It was in August of 2006 that Dan Fitzgibbons took over as Senior Account Executive with EMC. Fitzgibbons responsibility as a Senior Account Executive include delivering EMC solutions which enable private, hybrid, and public cloud strategies that are designed to meet clients needs. Additionally, he works to coordinate meetings with the IT teams and line of business.